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In Ayurveda, the Doshas are a combination of the five elements (ether, air, fire, water, and earth).

We all have these five elements and therefore, the three main Doshas. However, one or two Doshas tend to dominate in each person. Identifying your dominant Doshas helps you understand who you are, what keeps you balanced (your midpoint), and what might throw you off balance. This understanding makes it easier to make conscious decisions that lead to a healthier life.


The three Doshas are VATA (ether and air), PITTA (fire and water), and KAPHA (water and earth). The following test will help you understand which Doshas are dominant in you.

Take this supportive test to begin discovering your Prakruti (natural constitution) and Vikruti (current imbalance).


These tests are just a reference and a complement to your self-observation process. They do not provide an absolute answer about your individual constitution.


I recommend reflecting on the results. Consider what makes sense to you, what doesn't, and how the characteristics of the Doshas manifest in you, etc.

Doshas Test - English

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