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Avoid or achieve pregnancy naturally with the Symptothermal Method

and transform the relationship with your body.

The best way to recognize your fertile days and use them according to your family planning intention.

Menstrual Health | Havva FEM

What is the Symptothermal Method? 

Symptothermal Method | Havva FEM

The Symptothermal Method (STM) is a natural and healthy fertility awareness based method (FABM) of family planning. Women and couples can use the method to either achieve or avoid pregnancy and it can be used throughout their reproductive years.

How does the Symptothermal Method work?

By daily observing different fertility signs present in a woman’s body, which are:

  • Basal (waking) Temperature

  • Cervical mucus/fluid

  • Cervix: Position, opening, sensation, etc.

These observations will help you identify the fertile and infertile times of your cycle so you can decide what to do with them without synthetic hormones or negative side effects.


The Symptothermal Method is 99.6% effective, even higher than birth control pills.


What are the benefits of the Symptothermal Method?

  • You will be able to understand your menstrual cycle even if it is different every month.

  • You will know what is happening in your body and will be able to identify problems quickly.

  • You will improve communication with yourself and with your partner.

  • You can use it at any reproductive stage (adolescence, postpartum, perimenopause, breastfeeding).

  • You do not need to take synthetic hormones or insert devices into your uterus/skin.

  • You can use it with both regular and irregular cycles.



You're tired of not knowing what's happening with your menstrual cycle or when your period will arrive.

You refuse to use hormonal contraceptives or you have stopped using them and want to manage your fertility naturally.

Are you struggling to get pregnant or are you going to start trying, but want to do it consciously and naturally.

You want to demolish all myths, taboos, and limiting beliefs around the menstrual cycle and the period.


You are in the right place!

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This Symptothermal Method course will give you the tools to understand your body like never before, giving you control over your reproductive health and the power to manage your fertility without suppressing ovulation or interrupting your natural cycles.

Ovulación = Salud

Hormonal contraceptives inhibit ovulation, so the bleeding you have while using them is not menstruation, but rather a "withdrawal bleed" induced by the contraceptives.

My students say:

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Screenshot 2024-04-25 185638.png

The Symptothermal Method changed my life completely. I understand my body more, my menstrual cycle and above all, myself. I highly recommend it!

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Mariana Amaré, 28

"The Symptothermal Method course helped me connect with my cycles and understand perfectly what happens with my body and why. All women should have this knowledge since it is something very important and basic in our health. I was able to complement what "I already knew about the cycle and applied it to my life in a simple way and without overwhelming myself."

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Ana Calderon, 46

I found the Symptothermal Method course incredibly interesting and useful.
All women should have this information at a young age.
Eva knows a lot about this topic and is very empathetic and kind.
I totally recommend it!


Here's what you get when you sign up during this limited time period:

3 live classes

Each class is about 2.5-3 hrs.

All classes are recorded and you have access to them for 1 year.

1 post-class video call

We will review the first chart together in a 30-minute video call.

Thermometer guide

Searching for the right thermometer can be overwhelming. I give you this guide to save you time and effort.

Exclusive discounts

3 months free of the Read Your Body Cycle Tracking App

15% on 1-1 counseling and more.

6 months of follow-up

I accompany you for 6 cycles. You send me your chart every month. I review it and return it to you with corrections and feedback.

Access to my community

You will have access to a group to receive extra information, share experiences and answer questions.

Continous Q&A

You can ask me questions anytime via email/WhatsApp from the beginning of classes until your follow-up ends.

Menstrual health bonuses

Lunar diagram, dosha test to get your Ayurvedic profile, meditations, etc.

Course content

This is the general agenda that we will cover in the 3 sessions.

Class 1
  1. Male and female anatomy

  2. Male and female fertility

  3. Hormones

  4. The cervical mucus

  5. The conception process

  6. Phases of the cycle

  7. Basal temperature

  8. Vaginal sensations

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Maybe you still have some doubts...

Click on the button to solve them.

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Who teaches it?


My name is Eva Mariana Garro. I am a menstrual educator and counselor and certified instructor of the Symptothermal Method.

I also have studies in women's rights and Ayurveda.
I am passionate about women's health and ancestral wisdom.
My mission is to empower women with knowledge so they can make informed decisions about their reproductive health and improve their quality of life.

Lista de espera

Registration will be open from May 7 to June 7, 2024.

If you'd like to take this course in English:

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Tempdrop thermometer Symptothermal Method | Havva FEM

More questions?



This course provides information and discussions on health and related topics. The information shared on this website or in any linked material should not be considered or used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. In case of medical concern, it is recommended to consult a healthcare professional for appropriate advice.

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