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Symptothermal Method

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The Symptothermal Method (SMT) is a method of natural family planning or Methods Based on the Fertility Awareness (FABMs in English). The MST makes use of several observations that help identify the days fertile and infertile of a cycle. These observations include cervical fluid, basal body temperature (before getting up in the morning) and other biological signs such as physical changes in the cervix (cervix). Women can use this method throughout their fertile life to achieve or avoid pregnancy. “Sinto” refers to the symptom of cervical fluid. This flow changes under the influence of estrogen, one of the reproductive hormones. of the woman. “Thermal” refers to the basal body temperature, which increases after ovulation (when the ovary releases a Ovum). Research shows that both are reliable signs of fertility. The MST teaches a couple to identify these two basic signs to confirm the fertile phase (the days of the month when it would be most likely to conceive if the couple has intercourse sexual).

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