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  • What is a Menstrual Health Counseling?
    It is a meeting that seeks guidance and help in biopsychosocial menstrual health. It is an intervention that is given in a personalized context, where a link is established between a facilitator trained in menstrual health (counselor) and a woman or family that presents a need in this area.
  • What is the goal/purpose of a Menstrual Counseling?
    The purpose of Menstrual Health Counseling is to strengthen the capacity of women and families to make autonomous, informed, care-giving decisions that are consistent with their needs, contexts, and realities in terms of Menstrual Health and Hygiene.
  • What are the stages of Menstrual Counseling?
    1. Initial diagnostic session 2. Needs assessment and plan creation 3. Action (apply what has been learned) 4. Closing
  • What topics can be dealt with in Menstrual Counseling?
    -Hygiene and menstrual management (how you manage your blood and symptoms) -Knowledge needs on topics such as female anatomy, normal menstrual cycle, self-management of menstrual health, puberty process, menarche, postpartum and menopause -How to proceed in case of severe menstrual pain, amenorrhea, psycho-emotional symptoms that impede quality of life, etc. -Contraception -Cyclic spirituality Among others.
  • With a single session of Menstrual Counseling can I solve my problem?
    That will depend a lot on the matter to be discussed, how prepared you come with specific questions and how responsible you are when applying what is recommended.
  • From what age to what age do you give Menstrual Counseling?
    From the age of 8 until menopause.
  • Can I enter Menstrual Counseling with my daughter?
    Of course! All minors must be accompanied by a trusted adult at Menstrual Counseling.
  • Can you give group Menstrual Counseling?
    Yes, as long as you want to address the same topic. 5 people maximum and is charged per person.
  • What is the Symptothermal Method used for?
    The Symptothermic Method is used to know and manage your fertility naturally as well as: Avoid pregnancy with 99.6% effectiveness Maximize the chances of getting pregnant Know yourself and monitor your health
  • What are the benefits of the Symptothermal Method?
    100% Natural Easy to learn Low cost It adapts to different reproductive situations (regular, irregular, postpartum and lactation cycles, premenopause, etc) It helps us identify potential health problems early No harmful side effects Promotes self-knowledge and self-understanding Enrichment of the relationship as a couple and mutual understanding
  • Using the Symptothermal Method, can I have unprotected sex and not get pregnant?
    Yes, as long as you are consistent and follow the rules to the letter. It is also VERY IMPORTANT to remember that the Symptothermic Method does not protect us from any Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) since it is a natural method, not a barrier one.
  • Do I need to know anything about menstrual issues before I start learning the Syntothermal Method?
    No. Obviously it helps to have previous knowledge, but it is not a requirement. In this course you will be given all the necessary information so that you can use the Method effectively (from the most basic to the most "complicated").
  • Is the Symptothermic Method the Rhythm or Calendar Method?
    NO NO NO. The Rhythm Method was very useful at the time when it was developed in 1924 (almost 100 years ago!) but the truth is that it is now a bit outdated. This method was based on regular cycles and calculations. Instead, the Symptothermal Method is based on daily observation and specific rules based on scientific research.
  • Can I use the Symptothermal Method if I am using/taking any hormonal contraceptive?
    No. Synthetic hormones "sleep" our fertility by suppressing our cycles. This prevents us from looking at our actual biomarkers and identifying the phases of our cycle. You can take the course to learn the theory, but you won't be able to apply the method until you stop taking birth control.
  • Where do I get a basal thermometer?
    United States: There are many makes and models. Amazon is the best option. Mexico: Free Market Other countries: Contact me to guide you
  • What is the difference between a normal thermometer and a basal one?
    The “normal” has 1 decimal while the basal has 2, so it is more exact.
  • Is the Syntothermic Method useful for me even if I don't have a partner?
    Of course. The method is not only used for contraception. If you are single, you can use it for the sole purpose of understanding your cycle and gathering important information about your hormonal and reproductive health.
  • Can I take the Symptothermal Method course if I have just stopped taking hormonal contraceptives?
    Yeah! In fact, it's a great idea. After stopping synthetic hormones, your cycle can take a few months to recover and "regulate", but thanks to the Method, you can know exactly what is happening with your body to avoid doubts or scares. I will accompany you and guide you in this process while your fertility fully awakens.
  • Is the Symptothermal Method suitable for me if I work at night or sleep little?
    In these cases, using the method can be a bit more challenging but just as useful. I will teach you some rules and tools to adapt the Method to your rhythm of life.
  • Can I use the Symptothermal Method if I have an irregular cycle?
    Of course you can, remember that the Symptothermic Method is suitable for all reproductive situations: regular and irregular cycles, postpartum, lactation, peri-menopause and post-hormonal contraceptives.
  • Can I take the Syntothermal Method with my partner?
    Please do it! In fact, the SymptoPro Symptothermic Method is designed to be taken as a couple and is highly recommended. It has been shown that relationships as a couple improve after taking this course together. Fertility is a matter of two, one alone cannot conceive a child. It's wonderful that both of you are actively involved in family planning.
  • Can I use the Symptothermal Method if I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS/PCOs) or another condition?
    Yes. I will teach you specific rules for your case and learning the Symptothermal Method will be very useful for a better diagnosis of your condition.
  • What is the scientific basis of the Symptothermal Method?
    The SymptoPro Method is mainly based on the research of Dr. Josef Roetzer from Austria. You can read more about the story here and review this study.
  • For counseling and courses, do you attend online or in person?
    Both! If you are in South Florida (Miami and surroundings) we can do it in person. If not, everything is done by zoom. Thanks to technology, I work with women all over the world.
  • Do you offer payment facilities to learn the Syntothermal Method?
    Yes, email me at
  • Can you go to give Fertility/Menstrual Health talks in public places/companies/institutions/schools?
    Yeah! I'd love to. Email me at


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